Meine Schwester und ich (German Edition)

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Changes to word order may sometimes be necessary, too. Look at the profile to respond to the question below. Wie ist deine Schwester? Und du? Wie bist du? Look at the description of Tobias in the table below. How would you describe yourself if you were Tobias?

Answering questions It's important to be able to answer questions about your family. Questions about family Question Look at the profile and then use the information to answer the questions. Wie alt ist sie? Wann hat sie Geburtstag? Was ist sie von Beruf?

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Reveal answer up. Sie ist 50 Jahre alt.


Sie hat am vierzehnten Mai Geburtstag. She is 50 years old. Her birthday is on 14th May. She's chatty and patient. She's a kindergarten teacher.

"Das ist meine Schwester" in English

Er ist immer nett, weil er mir mit den Hausaufgaben hilft. Er ist Elektriker.

Er hat graue Augen und graue Haare. He is older than my mother. I'd also like to know. In many contexts even and actually could have overlapping shades of meaning. For instance, in response to "nobody speaks German" you could say "actually, my sister speaks German," or "even my sister speaks German". I guess even implies there are additional people who are speaking German and thus a slightly different meaning, but I've reported it anyway in the hope it will be cleared up. I agree.

I'm just learning this lesson and when I hovered over the new word to see what it meant, "Actually" was one of the choices. I picked that one and was marked wrong. What is happening?

Free German Essays on Family: Meine Familie

The verb must be in second position. Should'nt it be like "Soger sprichst meine Schwester Deutsch". I stand corrected. Good find! Unless you already knew that of course, in which case: good knowledge!

Die Hochzeit meiner Schwester - Familienkomödie 2014 HD

I thought the adverb needs to be close to the verb, usually coming right after it. That was helping me understand sentence structure but I guess it can be almost anywhere in the sentence or is it placed in the first position when it doesn't follow the verb? I learned that the hard way 10 months ago on this very same discussion :P. Therefore the context and meaning are then altered. My take anyway.

meine schwester trinkt grünen tee

No, this is one of the fortunate occasions where there is a direct correlation in meaning between English and German. The "sogar", much like the "even", goes right before what it emphasises; and moving its position within the sentence alters its meaning. Get started. Topic: German. March 13, October 18, June 27, July 14, That made my day, thank you.

October 8, GarethTJennings 8. This is funny because my sister was really good at German at school while I dropped out :. March 5, April 24, April 29, June 29, AdamKean You could say darum spricht meine Schwester deutsch. Its just the order of the words.