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I was at Coleraine cemetery looking for the number of the family grave because I wanted to hire someone to keep it tidy. So we headed for the council offices and followed the signs to an impressive building we took to be the HQ. A young lady at the reception explained: "Oh. This is Child Care. You want technical services. We drove to this impressive creation and realised that Child Care was just the gate lodge to the Castle.

Students perform in a cemetery to ‘give the dead a voice’ | Times Higher Education (THE)

There another young woman informed us that we really wanted Leisure Services, part of the Parks Department. Leisure Services for a cemetery? Can't get more leisurely than that. Anyway this department was miles away and the receptionist undertook to pass on our query to the appropriate official. Got a call back a couple of days later to say they don't do tidying. Which made me think that here was a wonderful opportunity for a young entrepreneur.

Tidying up graves on contract. All the plots are small and manageable and there wouldn't be any complaints from those being tidied. And, as long as you remember to turn off your sat-nav, no ghostly voices. These breasts you've given me. The middle one keeps pushing the other two out and I am forever knocking them with my arms. They are a real pain. Over the next few weeks God became accustomed to Eve's 'suggestions' for improvements so he was not surprised when one day she sighed: "All the animals are paired off.

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Every one of them has a mate except me. I feel so alone. I will immediately create a man from a part of you. Now let's see In Taking Off , Carlos is studying how the phones can still work without there being a tower or without ever needing to be charged. He loses his years' worth of research due to Alicia and Doug's army constantly going out to fight other army, who he proceeds to take care of.


He appears in Kevin's studio, mentions the blood and tells him that he has to hand deliver a letter and go to Night Vale for the last time. In Review , Carlos appears in the limo and he and Cecil hugged. They then proceeded to "talk" all night. One of these revisions to the timeline included changing the citizens so that many people who moved to Night Vale in the original timeline no longer did so. This change caused Carlos to be erased from history. His first attempt at trying to protect residents was when he visited the radio station.

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Upon picking up high levels of radioactivity from Cecil's mic, he gravely recommends that everyone in the station leave immediately advice they cheerfully ignore. Up to episode 25, Carlos is either oblivious to Cecil's affections for him, or willfully chooses to ignore them.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera

However, he does keep Cecil's home phone number, as well as his cell number. It is possible, as evidenced especially in episode 11, that Carlos appears to ignore Cecil's advances not just because of his work, but also because he gets flustered and nervous around Cecil, or doesn't know how to react. When the two do finally begin dating, Carlos is still distractedly interested in science, inviting Cecil to do experiments on the trees with him in Mission Grove Park during their first date, and discussing science-related topics over dinner.

In episode 31, Cecil complains about this facet of his personality when Carlos mentions he would like to study the sudden appearance of a mountain outside of town. Carlos apparently has to be reminded that he needs to give more importance to aspects of his life outside of work and promises to make Cecil dinner before he returns to science, a promise he later keeps. He is also described multiple times as "industrious" by Cecil in episode 35, due his apparent continuing of household chores despite the rest of the town being too lazy to move.

In Condos , Cecil also bemoans the fact that Carlos is never direct about what he means, attributing this to his scientific mind. Despite his apparent shortcomings, including the fact that Carlos apparently had to be taught to call when cancelling dates in favor of science, Cecil describes Carlos as caring and reliable once their relationship begins to settle down. Carlos is also noted as being brave, specifically when standing up to a "deranged" Teddy Williams and his militia.

He is also the first to volunteer to ring the bell of the non-existent house.

Hearing Voices in the Cemetery

In Voicemail, Carlos is revealed to have a love of "scientifically accurate jokes" and that he will only tell those. He also expresses interest in getting a tattoo with the definition of science "I don't know, but I'm trying to find out-okay? It is implied that he regularly converses with the Masked Army about Cecil. Carlos is shown to have a light sense of humor and deep respect for Cecil, despite remarking that his boyfriend is "overenthusiastic" and "has very little grasp of science".

Carlos is loved and almost worshipped by Cecil , who fell instantly in love with him during a town meeting soon after Carlos' arrival. Whether intentionally or not, he's mentioned shooting down Cecil's requests for a date, usually just returning to his work.

The two share a tender moment, watching the sunset together while sitting on the trunk of his car, [14] and later begin dating. They are currently in a steady relationship and got married in Toast.

Carlos is aware early on of Cecil's job as the community radio host, and sometimes enlists his help in getting the word out to the town's people about strange or dangerous goings-on. Early in the show, Cecil tries to read a more personal message into Carlos's calls to the radio station. It is revealed in Condos that Carlos avidly listens to the radio show, stating that he listens "every time [Cecil's] on".

And The Voice Speaks

It is implied that Carlos has been aware of Cecil's interest for some time, even from the beginning. Carlos calls Cecil from the desert otherworld nightly and is vocally affectionate towards him. According to Cecil, Carlos is still perfect of face and hair, and the two regularly Snapchat, text, and run a Tumblr blog. We still do not know many details of Carlos' life before his affiliation with the University of What It Is. While this might be due to the strange properties of time in Night Vale, it leaves a large gap in Carlos' history.

On a number of occasions, Carlos has been unaffected by entities or effects that otherwise affected the entire town, Cecil included.