The Woman and The Raven

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But a tapping noise disturbs him.

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When he opens the door to the bedroom, he sees nothing—only darkness. When the tapping persists, he opens the shutter of the window and discovers a raven, which flies into the room and lands above the door on a bust of Athena Pallas in the poem , the goddess of wisdom and war in Greek mythology. The raven, a symbol of death, tells the man he will never again "nevermore" see his beloved, never again hold her—even in heaven. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered , weak and weary, Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December , And the s ilken s ad un c ertain ru s tling of each purple curtain Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter, Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling, Much I marvelled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly , But the raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only Then methought the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censer Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore.

See the Bible, Jeremiah ].

Salmon Woman and Raven

Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken! Leave my loneliness unbroken!

Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door! Note 1 The narrator believes the raven is from the shore of the River Styx in the Underworld, the abode of the dead in Greek mythology. Note 2 The narrator at first thinks the raven's name is "Nevermore. Cummings Study Guide. Keep me signed in.

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