Marx und Locke über den Staat (German Edition)

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It was also in Bordeaux, where he married Louise Dreyfus with whom he later had two children and where he mastered three of his major works:. Later on he also did advisory work for the Ministry of Education.

The Interaction-Recognition-Antinomy Thesis

Pierre Bourdieu also repeatedly falls back on Durkheim. In Great Britain , Durkheim was particularly intensively studied by the ethnological movement there. In recent times, Durkheim has been used again for a theory that can explain the change in values in society and the development of the moral autonomy of the individual. Your email address will not be published. Related Posts.

The Incredible Story of Robinson Crusoe. Charles Baudelaire and the Flowers of Evil.

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Sorry for the mistake and thank you for your help! At the moment he is writing on the antiracist politics of friendship at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He is part of the editorial board of transversal texts, the eipcp - european institute for progressive cultural policies and kritnet — network for critical border regime and migration research. In and beyond the frameworks of the eipcp-platform transversal texts, the Zurich University of the Arts and other rather unidentifiable milieus, Gerald Raunig tries to focus, if possible, on dividualities and dissemblages, machinic capitalism and molecular revolution, technecologies and subsistential territories.

He got his B. His research interests include contemporary ethics and political philosophy in a Marxist perspective as well as virtue ethics. He has written Virtue Ethics and Moral Diversity , Virtue, Mind and Action , In Defense of Normativity , edited Marx and Theory of Justice , Community and Political Solidarity and published articles and reviews widely on Marxist ethics, eco-socialism and contemporary moral philosophy. She received her Ph.

Mariana has published on critical theory, Marxism, post-colonialism, and feminism, and is a member of the editorial board of the academic journals Ideias and Dissonancia: Critical Theory Journal.

Die perfekte Gesellschaft - Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan einfach erklärt - Let's Explain #11

James D. Ingram teaches political theory at McMaster University in Canada. He has many publications in connection with german idealism and romance, as well as Frankfurt School. Her writing, research, lectures, and artistic work deal with the topics of migration; knowledge production and educational policies; mechanisms of appropriation and privatization of structures such as education, culture, the body, and land; and perspectives for translocal solidarity, and depart from her involvement in social movements related to those issues.

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Ido de Haan is professor of political history at Utrecht University. He is currently supervising a research project on the history of neoliberalism in the Netherlands neoliberalisme. Among his publications are books on Dutch political history Een nieuwe staat.

Het begin van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, ed. De constitutie van de Nederlandse politiek, Wereldbibliotheek , on the memory of the Holocaust Na de ondergang.

De herinnering aan de Jodenvervolging in Nederland, SDU and on the history of political ideology Zelfbestuur en staatsbeheer. Het politieke debat over burgerschap en rechtsstaat in de twintigste eeuw, AUP ; Maakbaarheid. Liberale wortels en hedendaagse kritiek van de maakbare samenleving, ed. Duyvendak, AUP She has published on gender, governance and democracy, on gender and right-wing populism and on affective labour and state transformation.

His work focuses on the intersection of cultural, political and technological dynamics, in particular on new modes of commons-based production, control society, copyright and transformation of subjectivity. Quattro studi su Walter Benjamin, Mimesis, Currently, he is working on a book titled: Insurgent Universality.

Contact: m. Katharina Hausladen is an art and cultural scientist. She also works as a freelance critic and writes for testcard and Texte zur Kunst, among others.

Sociological Revolutionary – Émile Durkheim

He is the author of Radical Philosophy: An Introduction Routledge, and is currently working on a book project about self-defensive violence and social domination. He received his PhD with a dissertation on deliberative democracy and social exclusion under the direction of Axel Honneth and Rainer Forst at the University of Frankfurt He is the author of Dimensionen der Exklusion. Andrew Poe teaches political theory at Amherst College, where he is an assistant professor of political science and a member of the coordinating committee of the Amherst Program in Critical Theory.

His research engages problems of democratic theory, especially modes of resistance, rhetoric, belief, extremism, and political affect. He is currently completing a manuscript, The Contest for Political Enthusiasm, which offers a critical genealogy of the phenomenon of enthusiasm in politics. He can be reached by email at apoe amherst. His main interests are critical theory and psychoanalytical social psychology. She has lived, studied, and conducted research in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, the U. Both her research and teaching focus on the relations between psychology and social inequalities and social movements, relating both to the ways in which social movements have altered our understanding of human experience and agency, and to the mechanisms through which psychology itself has contributed to social inequalities and oppression.

Email: nora. Katharina Piening is a master student of social psychology and psychosocial practice at the Sigmund Freud University of Vienna. She wrote her bachelor thesis about policy mediation in a modern networked media society and explored how it affects actions and contents in public. Her current studies focus specifically on the dynamics and interactions between individual and society — in the center of her actual work are critical social theories in combination with a practical view on the psychological effects upon individuals of specific social structures and conditions.

Her research interests include gender, media, and shared living environments in the course of globalisation and digital networking. Email: katharina-piening web. At the intersection of social philosophy and philosophy of technology, his work focuses mainly on the possibility of a structural critique of digitally mediated power relations. He has published extensively on the nexus between culture, art and politics. Anette Baldauf is a researcher and educator.

Her work focuses on the intersection of art, pedagogy and urban studies exploring the relationship between dispossession and collectivism. Annette Krauss works as an artist and educator. Wang Ran is a Ph.

Content List: Karl Marx / Friedrich Engels Papers

He got LL. His main research field is the practice and development of Marxism in China. Urs Lindner is a postdoctoral researcher at the Max-Weber-Center of the University of Erfurt, Germany, and is currently writing his habilitation on affirmative action in a comparative perspective. In , he co-edited the first German volume on critical realism. In the last few years his research focussed on volunteering for migrants and refugees in Germany and Europe, migrant advocacy and cosmopolitan concepts of solidarity.

He currently is leading two research projects on the transformative impact of migration on civil society organisations and trade unions in Germany. Drehli Robnik is a Vienna-based free-lance theorist in matters of film and politics, focusing on concepts of democracy, public history, pop culture; also edutainer, critic, singing disk-jockey. His PhD is from UvA.