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Summary report. Cisco partner firms. Ebright, P.

2. What will an operations manual do for my business?

The complex work of RNs: Implications for healthy work environments. Porter, C. Calling all germs. The Wall Street Journal. Spyglass Consulting Group. Healthcare without bounds: Point of care communications for nursing Wolters Kluwer Health. Wolters Kluwer Health physician outlook survey. Retrieved from www. Parker, PhD, RN-BC, FHIMSS Step into most healthcare facilities and you will notice that while community physicians are openly using their smartphones, employed clinicians are carrying voice-only phones, multiple pagers, or wearable voice-activated two-way communication devices provided by their employers.

How will compliance be monitored and validated every time an employee buys a new phone? So, how will the phone be protected from malware, viruses etc. What happens when a device is lost or stolen?


How will the employee feel about losing all their personal photos, phone numbers, and music? How and when will device surfaces be disinfected at work and at home? If the employee-owned phone is damaged at work, will the organization be responsible for replacing it? If employees use their personal phones, will they expect reimbursement of cost? What if an employee chooses not to purchase a smartphone? Could requiring staff to obtain a smartphone become a union issue?

Could inequity in communication options among employees cause morale issues, discrimination concerns, or physician and patient satisfaction issues? And it tells them how to use this information to build their own business up to be as effective, efficient, and profitable as possible. In short, a carefully planned and accurate franchise operations manual will help you make more money. It will allow you to manage your franchise network more efficiently, while simultaneously promoting clearer and stronger links between yourself and your franchisees. A well-written manual will let you create a cohesive, coherent customer experience across your franchise network.

This will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Plus, by including all of the know-how you've accumulated during the period of your business's operation, it will give your franchisees a solid knowledge base to work from. The first step is to set down your franchise operations manual outline. Because the precise items included in your table of contents will depend on your industry, the easiest way to do this is to check out what similar companies in your sector have in theirs.

Almost as important what to include at this stage is knowing what not to include.

1. Why do I need a franchise operations manual?

You can get this confirmed by the professionals afterwards see Tip 5 but even at the planning stage, some knowledge of the legal requirements of such a document is very useful. The language to be used in your manual is not the same as that which you'd use in a memo, in marketing materials, or even in other internal company communications. It should not be written so as to be friendly or to persuade its audience. This is a technical document. And it should be written using a technical writing style.

This means the composition should be designed to get information across as clearly and cleanly as possible.

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It's not difficult to learn how to do this, but it is important to bear in mind. A key part of the drafting process should be ensuring that you've covered yourself legally. The most vital.

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But there are a huge number of franchise liability issues that could arise from a poorly written document too. This means that once you've completed each individual chapter contained within your custom table of contents see Tips 3 and 4 , they should be professionally edited and reviewed. Having a professional company write your entire manual for you is usually counterproductive. The costs are often exorbitant - especially as part of your outlay will be spent on outsiders spending time learning about your systems so they can write about them.

It's far better to locate the experts within your company who know the systems best, have them write the relevant chapters of your manual - and then get in some experts to edit and review the content to ensure high standards. A prospective franchisee should probably not see the entirety of your franchise manual until after they've signed their franchise agreement with you. That said, in order so that a franchisee can make a fully informed decision about whether signing their agreement is a good idea in the first place, many franchisors will provide presumptive franchisees with a copy of their manual after they've signed some sort of confidentiality agreement.

This is generally good practice, but do be sure to cover yourself legally even when providing only a franchise operations manual sample. You can consult the list in Tip 8 for a basic list of what to include, and Tip 9 for more details.

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But here's a useful rule of thumb:. I started out in the plant working in production control to learn the manufacturing business. I was promoted to a job in the new product development department, where I was able to see how the marketing and sales strategies worked. It was a big shock to find out that the marketing and sales I learned in college was totally different from the marketing of lift trucks.

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I always liked machinery, and over the years I was involved in manufacturing and marketing lift truck attachments, marine cranes, palletizer systems, material handling robots, conveyors, and other industrial products. Since local colleges did not teach industrial marketing, I had to learn it on my own by trial and error. Then I had to train every new person that was hired in sales or marketing, both in the technical side of the products and marketing of the product.

Understanding the difference between industrial and consumer marketing is very important for manufacturing companies, particularly those companies that manufacturer custom or highly engineered products. But there are very few places to go to learn the techniques. Several years ago I tried to find out how many colleges taught industrial marketing.

I found that out of 2, business schools, fewer than 30 schools taught industrial marketing or industrial sales classes.

Let me explain some of the differences between consumer marketing and industrial marketing, along with why this is a problem that needs a solution:. Food industry - 23, plants Cheese natural and processed — plants Processed cheese — plants Dry condensed cheese — plants Dry condensed cheese and whey - 85 plants. When you analyze the niche further to define the line speeds, size of bags, number of shifts, number of employees, you will find that there are 20 to 30 prospective buyers that could buy your equipment. How you find and sell to these buyers is completely different then finding and selling cell phones to young adults using television advertising.

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